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      Welcome to Dongguan shengxin hardware machinery co. LTD
      Service Hotline:


      Why Choose Us?

      The advantages of our company

      We have a modern standard factory with 100 employees. DYE is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, development, sales and after-sales service.

      My company‘s quality certification...

      We have obtained CE, PED, UL, ISO9001 (2008) and SGS certificates. If necessary, we can provide a certificate for electronic records, but the original documents must be kept in the company.

      Our company‘s customers

      Our customer segmentation is mainly for developed countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Russia.

      Choose us and get more benefits...

      Deliver innovative products to the market faster; improve the reliability of product quality; effectively reduce the total cost of the product; and improve the creative design capabilities of researchers;

      Company Profile

      Create value that enhances customer competitiveness, based on China‘s domestic market
      Established in 2013, Dongguan Shengxin Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing, quality control and logistics platform in one fastener production equipment. The factory has experienced professional mechanical design and development team and high-precision processing and quality control equipment for precision machinery manufacturing. The company specializes in manufacturing fasteners, opening and closing machines, heading machines, cold heading machines, boring machines, one-die two-punch heading machines, four-mode four-punch screw forming machines and other fastener production equipment and provides various machine parts. Production support, with experienced professional design and advanced production technology, quality service, to provide various types of fastener production equipment suitable for customer needs, equipment is widely used in the production of various types of fasteners, and according to customer requirements
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      Create value that enhances customer competitiveness, based on China‘s domestic market
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